Discounts and Special Offers for Remote Help and Tech Support with your computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and the service of computer master arrival.

Computers, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can be found in almost every home or office today. They provide us with immense inexhaustible opportunities for work, entertainment, communication, and training, so malfunctioning of the computer hardware is always a big nuisance and a problem. It is worth noting that very often, repairing or solving a problem with such equipment requires significant financial investments, which will undoubtedly cause even more frustration for the owner. However, our Remote Help and Tech Support Service team is reaching out to its customers by offering various discounts for the remote repair of computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops. This approach is beneficial to both: the computer master and the client. The former can significantly increase the number of customers, and the client itself will save up money.

We Offer Our Clients the Following Special Deals and Discounts:

We aim to help you out so that our remote help services are even more attractive to you, that is why we make price reductions and have different special offers from time to time.

Discount for Social workers

Social sphere workers receive a reduction by up to 5% of the total sum of the services provided. If you are a social worker, you can count on receiving discounts. To receive it, you only need to provide your professional certificate to our staff members and ask about current special offers.

Discounts for Pensioners

After presenting the pensioner’s identity document, the pensioners will receive a reduction of up to 5% on all online setup services. To get it, you need to express your desire to receive a discount and tell this to the operator by phone or directly to the computer master, present a valid pensioner’s identity document and ask for current special offers.

New Year Discounts

We give our regular clients a 5% reduction on-demand on the remote help services and performed works. The period when the discount is valid: annually, from 20 December to 15 January. You can ask the operator if there is a special deal for you. New Year discounts are given on the client’s request if they are a regular customer.

Birthday Discount

If you fill in your application for remote help or repair of your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop on your birthday, then you can surely expect a 5% reduction from the price of service. And if it is your jubilee (20, 25, 30, 40, etc.), then we will give you a 6% discount. To get a lower price, please send your passport or the confirming document, and the discount is yours.

Discount for 8 March and 14 October

In these special days, beautiful women and strong men will receive a special deal for our remote services and repair of computers, mobile phones, tablets, or laptops from our specialists. If you are a doctor, a teacher, or a military person, then the maximum discount for you during these days can be as high as 5%.

Please note that a discount is valid only for remote services, and they do not add up. Discounts are given exclusively for works and services. There is no reduction in price for the equipment. Our specialist or the computer master will determine the discount by the amount of performed works. Special offers are only given on the client’s demand and on the condition that all necessary documents were presented, valid for discounting, and effective at that time.

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